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Sierra bullet drop chart - free eBooks download -

Sierra bullet drop chart download on free books and manuals search - HORNADY AMMUNITION BALLISTICS - - Accurate ... . Testing of the Sierra .308 155 grain Matchking PALMA Bullet Bryan Litz Introduction .

bullet drop chart for 308 rounds

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Ballistic Charts - The Sportsman's Guide

Sportsman's Guide helps you obtain the ballistics information for a large list of ammo type that you're looking for.

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Federal Premium Ammunition - Rifle

Federal has many rifle ammunition loads to choose from. . Rifle. Our bullet and load combinations boast the ultimate in accuracy and performance. . Ballistics Catalog · Catalog · Dealers · Law Enforcement · MSDS · Site Map . 308 Win. ( 7.62x51mm). 30-06 Spring. (7.62x63mm). 300 H&H Magnum . Nosler® Ballistic Tip®.

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Federal Ammunition Ballistic Data - Able Ammo

These trajectory tables were calculated by computer using the best available . to variations in altitude, atmospheric conditions, guns, sights and ammunition. . P308V. 308 Win. (7.62x51mm). 150. 9.72. Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullet. 210.

Ballistic Trajectory Chart and Calculator - ...

Comparison of Rimfire Cartridges Ballistic Trajectory Chart . specific firearm and ammunition to determine the bullet drop and windage at different ranges and  .

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308 Winchester for Sniping - Sniper Central

The .308 is by far the most popular sniping round, and for good reason. . While there are many cartridge choices that outperform the .308 in ballistics, there are .

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Ballistic Chart - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

Click to download a Ballistic Chart (PDF) Metric Ballistic Chart - 2013 Standard Ballistics Chart - 2013 For more information, view our H.I.T.S. Calculator to ...

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308 Ballistics Chart & Coefficient

Jul 10, 2012 . The following is a 1000 yard .308 ballistic chart that was created using our free online ballistic calculator and details all aspects of the bullets .

.308 Winchester Cartridge Guide -

.308 Win, 308 Winchester Data, .308 Caliber, .308win ammo and 308 win 30- caliber . U.S. Optics sells scopes with built-in BDC based on M118 LR ballistics .

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308 Winchester Ballistics Chart | Ballistics 101

Complete .308 Winchester ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all .308 ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart.

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Rifles / Ammunition / Ballistics / 308 Winchester / Hunting Ballistics:

308 Winchester Hunting & Ballistics, Specific Information Source.

Trajectory Chart - Innovative Technologies

This trajectory chart shows why some of these cartridges are my favorite calibers. . At 1,050 fps you have an extremely quiet round that packs an amazing punch . All of my .308 rifles seem to shoot their best groups with this bullet at 2,620 fps.

Does the .308 Fit the Long-Range Hunting Bill? - Guns & Ammo

Sep 10, 2013 . Their projectiles drop significantly less, minimizing errors in range estimation. . Most factory .308 loads allegedly push 165- to 168-grain bullets at 2,700 . The “ average” once a year deer hunter has no business shooting at .

Millett Sights - Ballistic Data Cards

Begin by finding your load's Ôbook' ballistic data in the ammo maker's brochure, on a company . In the table below I've converted the .308 Winchester, 168-gr.

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Ballistics - The Old Deer Hunters Association

The Importance of Ballistic Coefficient When Selecting Ammo and Bullets . The Hornady .308 150 grain round nosed bullet has a BC of .186 while the Hornady .

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